Our Editorial Process

Empowering you with trustworthy, credible, actionable custom packaging information.

At Refine Packaging, our customers are our priority in everything we do. We pride ourselves on our empathetic, personalized approach to manufacturing and channel these values into our rigorous editorial standards.

Our mission is to provide you with trustworthy, accurate and actionable custom packaging information, so you can take charge of your business and make decisions with confidence.

Our in-house editorial team manages the creation and development of all our content. The team collaborates closely with our founders, Alex Jasin and Asif Muhammad, to provide you with valuable research-based insights and news stories.

Our editorial process is based on four pillars:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Quality
  3. Inclusivity and empathy
  4. Timeliness

1. Trustworthiness

We’re in the age of information overload. With more packaging information available online than ever, it’s easy for you to become confused, uncertain and overwhelmed. Plus, with the rise of fake news, people are at risk of consuming inaccurate and, at times, even dangerous information.

When you read our content, you can feel safe knowing that you’re reading advice and insights verified by experienced packaging professionals. We pride ourselves on publishing authoritative, evidence-based content of the highest quality.

Our content addresses all pillars of customizable packaging, enabling you to take charge of your retail branding and increase the awareness and memorability of your business.

Whatever you want to learn, you can rest assured that our information is accurate, reputable and research-backed.

2. Quality

We understand that our website visitors come to us for credible, timely information about packaging boxes. We take our duty to deliver this content seriously. We harness well-established journalistic standards to bring you unbiased, relevant and well-researched manufacturing and packaging content.

Here’s how:

  • Writer selection: Our in-house editorial team meticulously chooses writers and contributors based on subject matter expertise and copywriting experience. We invest heavily in their professional development, offering training on research and sourcing alongside regular 1:1 feedback sessions.
  • Relevance: All the stories we publish are valuable to you, our readers. We carefully assess the real-world issues, questions and trending topics you are curious about each week and write about the things that matter most.
  • Editorial reviews: We understand that our readers are everyday people often learning about packaging terms for the first time. So, we strive to publish articles in digestible, accessible language – and without jargon.
  • Expert reviews: Refine Packaging has cultivated a network of established printing experts at the cutting edge of the packaging industry. Our experts contribute to the review process, assessing our content to ensure 100% accuracy while adding their perspectives based on years of first-hand manufacturing experience.
  • Fact-checking: All articles are reviewed rigorously for clarity and credibility. We have established an in-depth fact-checking process to ensure that all claims, references and data are credible, well-reasoned and objective.

3. Inclusivity and empathy

It’s our priority to publish straightforward and digestible content for our readers. So, we use the Associated Press stylebook to streamline all of our articles, ensuring they are easy to read, clear and transparent.

But grammar is just half the story. Tone is also hugely important to us and our readers. Just as we approach every patient with a compassionate and professional manner, we publish content using warm, inclusive, conversational, and respectful language. We treat each topic with sensitivity, providing you with actionable information in an empathetic manner.

4. Timeliness

The packaging world is undoubtedly fast-moving. New research and trends are published frequently, older data becomes invalid, and terminology constantly changes.

All of this means that content at the cutting edge of the industry last year might already be out of date today. To that end, we carefully audit and amend our existing content to ensure it stays accurate and relevant over time.

To achieve this, our in-house editors regularly review industry magazines, leading journals, research papers and more to gather insights about changes in the personalized packaging arena. Often, these data points form the grounds for new, exciting pieces of content. But we also use this information to update older content with the most recent, most valuable packaging findings.

When we modify a piece of content, it will appear with a new “Last Updated” date near the top of the page. Typically, modifications will relate to new research, images and sources. Ultimately, our aim is to consistently enhance the value of the information we share with you.

Our editorial process puts you first

As a cutting-edge custom packaging box manufacturer, we’re here to help you overcome your packaging challenges and build a more successful business. From the moment you visit our blog to the time your custom printed boxes are delivered, you’ll benefit from our empathetic, inclusive and expert approach to the custom packaging process.

We’re always aiming to do even better for our customers and readers. If you have any questions or feedback about our content, please get in touch with us today.

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